Music: No Ceremony/// – ‘Heartbreaker/Breaking Hearts’

I’ve been listening to No Ceremony/// pretty much on repeat for the past week or so and all I can say is wowzers! Check out new double single  ‘Heartbreaker’/‘Breaking Hearts’ below to see what I mean!:

Now I’m not one for doling out the ‘wowzers’ willy-nilly, but these guys definitely deserve one! Naturally, on discovering a great new band I’ve been busy scouring the shady world of online music sites/blogs/whatever to find out more about No Ceremony///, and here’s what I’ve discovered:

1. They’re from Manchester

2. They’re very secretive!

Yep, all we know so far is that No Ceremony///, be they a band, a he, a she or something else entirely, hail from Manchester. No more details are forthcoming as yet – but apparently they/he/she/something else will be playing a gig in Manchester on 18 May so all will probably become clear then.

There’s a few rumours and conspiracy theories going around about No Ceremony///. My favourites include that it somehow involves Peter Hook (how awesome would that be!?) and/or it might be something to do with fellow camera-shy Mancunian upstarts WU LYF. Neither would surprise me

Until we know for sure though, here’s all the video’s out there from No Ceremony/// so you can become nicely acquainted with them before the big ‘reveal’.

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