Single Review: “Rich Love” by OneRepublic [Review + Stream]

OneRepublic has premiered a new single titled “Rich Love”. This new song is the latest single from band’s upcoming studio album. This will be OneRepublic’s fifth studio album and it might hit the digital shelves earlier next year. However, the band hasn’t given any definite date of release or even announced the album officially so far. But from how the band has been releasing new singles, it’s obvious that they will be giving us a fifth album.

This new single “Rich Love” sounds like a folk song with a lot of pop influences. But you will also listen to EDM beat drop in post-chorus session. For me, this song is a pop folk with EDM impressions. That’s a good way for OneRepublic to go. I like the way this song sounds. Ryan Tedder delivers the lyrics with full command, indicating that he is very comfortable in this genre.

The famous Norwegian trio SeebĀ produced this song for OneRepublic. It’s a good production but I’m sure you have heard better productions from the Norwegian trio.

I’m sure a lot of you will like this song. It’s cute and it has some uniqueness about it. It might sound generic but the EDM beat drop makes it stand out from other pop folk songs. But anyway, don’t get me wrong. This isn’t the best beat drop that you’d hear. I’m sure OneRepublic will use this song for a few weeks and then replace it with a more powerful single.


Listen to “Rich Love” by OneRepublic


Post Author: David Watt