Watch Video: “Ain’t Too Cool” by LunchMoney Lewis

LunchMoney Lewis is known for his 2015 single “Bills”. This single made his a break-out artist as it reached the top 10 in UK, New Zealand and Australia. He followed it up with “Whip It” featuring Chloe Angelides, which was a hit.

The 2015’s break-out singer has recently released his new track titled “Ain’t Too Cool” – another track with ‘hit’ written all over it. The track is about having a good time and not being worried about things bothering you all the times. It is definitely musically powerful and delivers the message home. The track is written by Ricky Reed, Dr. Luke and Jacob Kasher. The track sounds so good that pop radio is going to love it and give it a lot of airtime.

LunchMoney Lewis dropped a music video for this latest single “Ain’t Too Cool” on December 11. The music video is about having a good time and there couldn’t be a better way to say that through visuals than getting 87-year old Instagram star Braddie Winkle in there. It’s hilarious and reminds us of the lighter side of life. While Baddie smokes weed, LunchMoney keeps texting his BFF. Later in the video, the lady arrives at her mansion in a way that’s going to make you dance. Watch this surprisingly fresh video below.

Watch Music Video For “Ain’t Too Cool” By LunchMoney Lewis

Post Author: David Watt