Song Review: “Disconnect” by Marina And The Diamonds & Clean Bandit

Finally, Marina And The Diamonds and Clean Bandit’s collaboration “Disconnect” is here. It took two years for this song to come out after we heard it for the first time at Coachella. Despite taking so long, the fans still remember this song for a lot of reasons. It’s easily one of the top collaborations that we have heard in the last two years or so. Why that’s so? Because it brings out the best in both artists.

“Disconnect” is a gloomy disco anthem that talks about the loneliness of the modern life. It’s about how people are alone these days and have no one to share their emotions. It’s what makes people stay out all the night. When they go home, they are always alone despite spending the entire night in a flood of people. That’s one of the bitter realities of the modern life.

When Marina And The Diamonds and Clean Bandit debuted this song on Coachella, a lot of fans went crazy. They wanted the full digital version. Unfortunately, they had to wait so long.

It’s a song that’s relatable for a lot of people today. It might receive the single treatment and it could easily be something that would serve as a ‘gift’. Let’s hope we get a music video for this soon.

“Disconnect” is so good because it brings out the best out of Marina and Clean Bandit. You will enjoy sharp lyrics (Marina) and impeccable synths (Clean Bandit). Listen to this new song below.

Listen to “Disconnect” by Marina And The Diamonds & Clean Bandit

Post Author: David Watt