New Single: “Sorry” by Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber has released a new single titled “Sorry”. The track was released on the day when Adele has premiered her new single “Hello”. This doesn’t seem like a coincidence but Justin shows his maturity once again and ensures that his track becomes available a day earlier than its original schedule. This new Skrillex-produced single is available for streaming already. You can stream it as many times as many you like after the review.

Justin has also released a quick ‘dance’ music video on Instagram for this track. Although this music video isn’t a preview of the upcoming music video, it might just be a quick Instagram-buzz video to promote his new single. But the official music video will be out soon and we will all have a chance to see how well Justin dances in that.

If you are looking to purchase “Sorry”, you will have to wait for another day when the track is finally available on iTunes.

The single “Sorry” shows the mature side of the Canadian superstar just like his previous single “What Do You Mean”. It has a message – something oddly strange about Bieber’s music. Justin has probably decided to mix his personal life stories and relationships with imaginary situations to throw a message to his fans. This is something good and we can expect Justin to have a good time with his new single. The single sounds great and it looks as if Justin is really back at his best. He might give Adele tough time for the Number 1 spot.

Listen to “Sorry” by Justin Bieber

Post Author: David Watt