New Single Review: “We Are Fucked” by Noah Cyrys & MO

Finally came the song that we have been waiting for quite some time now. It’s Noah Cyrus’s new single “We Are Fucked” and it has bigger than anything we expected. It’s the new generation’s anthem. The song will be included in Noah’s debut album. It features MO. The song is a super bop by any standards.

A lot of people were anticipating this song to come out much earlier when Noah teased with a demo. It took some time in the making but the final product is just beautiful. The demo version didn’t include MO but the final version has the Danish singer as a contributing artist. The title of the song also changed from “We Are What” to “We Are Fucked”. After listening to the track several times, I feel both the changes have added a lot to the original demo that we heard earlier. The new name is perfect and MO’s addition gives a lot of points to this anthem.

Noah Cyrus has impressed everyone with her talent. However, she has also developed a habit of delaying her projects and hence keeping her fans waiting. She delayed her solo album, which was due to come out last year. She also delayed the release of this single and didn’t even reply to her fans on Twitter. She didn’t tell any reasons or gave fans any release date. Other than that social thing, she’s doing just great. So even it’s late, “We Are Fucked” is just about the perfect song we were looking to add to our list of best anthems of 2018.

The single has a great chorus. It’s got catchy lyrics and has a very radio-friendly production. In the song, Noah talks about how we make mistakes throughout out teen years that lead us into a mess as we grow up. In the end, we are just ‘fucked’. That’s how it all ends. Watch the official lyric video below.

Watch Lyric Video and Listen “We Are Fucked” by Noah Cyrus


Post Author: David Watt