Single Review: “Sky Full of Songs” by Florence + The Machine

Florence + The Machine have released a new single and it’s nothing less of a stunning track. The track is titled “Sky Full Of Songs” and you will see Florence Welch, the band frontwoman, at her best with the delivery of vocals on a mesmerizing production. The outcome is a song full of passion and ready to be loved.

The song came out on April 12 and has received a lot of positive criticism from the blogging community every since. I feel like it’s Florence + the Machine’s┬ádid a great job with this subtle production. Unlike their earlier soaring productions, this one focuses on Florence Welch’s vocals instead of anything else. Any boy, she’s on fire. She is so good with the delivery of words on the right pitch that you – as a listener – feel totally blessed.

Florence + The Machine also premiered a music video for the track. It’s good to see when artists give their songs visual treatment right away. It tells you they don’t care about what people say about their music. If they like it and want their fans to listen to it, they take it seriously. Anyway, for the music video, the band teams up with A.G. Rojas. It’s mostly a black and white music video with some color scenes. You can watch the music video below and listen to “A Sky Full of Songs” by Florence + The Machine. Without further ado, hit PLAY below.

Watch The Official Music Video “A Sky Full Of Songs” by Florence + The Machine

Post Author: David Watt