Single Review: “Signs” by Drake – Listen NOW

Drake has premiered a new song titled “Sign”. This new single is inspired from Louis Vuitton and Drake has already given the premier right to the brand. Maybe, the paid him big time or he probably just wanted to do a song for the brand that he loves so much. Whatever is the case, we always enjoy new music from Drake.

If you have no idea what’s Louis Vuitton, you are probably far far away from the French fashion world. It’s one of the leading luxury brands from France that held its fashion show for Spring/Summer today. This fashion show was a part of the currently running Paris Fashion Week. It was during this show that Drake’s song was premiered. The song, produced by Noah Shebib, is written with the event in mind, or at least that’s what Drake and the brand are trying to make us believe. That’s the reason it fits the runaway show like it’s ‘made for it’.

It’s difficult to believe that Drake would write a song for a brand. I don’t think Drake has time to work on a song entirely for a brand. I’m sure they just took one of his unreleased song that seemed like a perfect fit for the show. Drake, along with creative director for Louis Vuitton, probably just added a few lyrics to the song and branded it as a song written for this event specifically. Whatever the truth, we the fans, got a new song to enjoy.

Below, you can listen to this new song. But you need to drag the video slider to 4.00 minutes where Drake’s song begins. I hope you like it.

Listen to Drake’s new song “Signs”

Post Author: David Watt