Single Review: “Remind Me To Forget” by Kygo and Miguel

Kygo has premiered a new track titled “Remind Me To Forget”. This new track features Miguel. The track came out on digital platforms earlier today.

Is it the new single from Kygo’s upcoming studio album? Not sure yet. It could easily be just a buzz single that Kygo wanted us to hear before he could give us the first taste of his new album. So far, Kygo hasn’t said anything about the song and we haven’t heard any thing from the label as well.

Whether this single turns out to be a buzz single or the first single from Kygo’s upcoming album, it’s awesome. I’m totally in love with this song and I’m sure a lot of fans will want to have many more songs from Kygo this year. I hope all the songs from this upcoming album prove to be as good as this song.

“Remind Me To Forget” is a dance-pop song. It’s about a relationship. Kygo talks about quiting an old relationship that has become kind of a problem. Now he’s not sure how to get out of this toxic relationship. The chorus is good and it reminds you that you can totally forget about your relationship issues and dance. I like how this song treats this issue. It’s easily relatable. Give it a listen below.

Listen to “Remind Me To Forget” by Kygo featuring Miguel

Post Author: David Watt