Single Review: “Queen” by Tracey Thorn – Review + Music Video

Tracey Thorn has returned to the music scene with her new single titled “Queen”. This new single is probably one of her best songs ever.

The ’80s synth-pop production by Wean Pearson is perfect for Tracey to draw us into the narrative, which is her real strength as a singer. “Am I queen or something else I might have been, a star backseat of a blacked-out car?” she sings as she draws the listener to her magical world.

With this new single out, we can now expect Tracey to announce the release date for her new “Record” album. The album will have nine bangers. Tracey told the media recently that she has already written all the songs. The songs will discuss nine different stages in a woman’s life. I’m sure it’s going to be worth listening with Tracey lending her vocals to these tracks. It’s going to be a thoughtful journey – one that will enlighten many who would listen closely.

According to Tracey, it’s going to be a slightly upbeat album compared to her previous works. She wants us to listen to these songs in the daytime and not in the evening or in our bedroom. That, I believe, she has achieved with the first taste from her album – “Queen”.

The 55-year old singer didn’t only give us the new single but she also released a music video with it. You can watch the video below.

Watch “Queen” Music Video by Tracey Thorn

Post Author: David Watt