Issac Dunbar Scorton's Creek

Single Music Video: Scorton’s Creek By Issac Dunbar

Issac Dunbar is a singer and songwriter from Cape Cod Massachusetts who had made the spotlight earlier with his intriguing anthem ‘Issac’s Insects’. ‘Onion Boy’ and ‘Body’ Also made waves with the public, but “Scorton’s Creek” is proving to be his best single yet.

“I find a scary film to watch.” he croons, “I know that you’ve had enough” it’s clear that the singer has an ulterior motive. “But I can’t help to see you scared,” Isaac admits. “I love to hold you.” as the song moves forward, It becomes evident that this is an unreciprocated love—a fact that seems to be acknowledged by our lead. “I don’t wanna say goodbye” he wails. “I fear you love somebody else.”

 The feeling of losing someone in love has been craftily captured in the blurry video, which finds Issac along with his crush taking a stroll through nature and embracing. You’ll find a little quirky choreography in there as well. Watch the official video down below.

New Single Review+ Official MV: Scorton’s Creek By Issac Dunbar

Post Author: Harvey Dyer