Single Review + MV: “Takeaway” By Chainsmokers & ILLENIUM’s Ft. Lennon Stella

Chainsmokers and ILLENIUM have released a new single and it features “Bitch” singer Lennon Stella who had kept a low profile so far. But we hope the things will change for him now with this new track.

The new track is titled “Takeaway” and it has nothing to do with the food. But it’s about the relationships, how they are often manufactured, and how we play games and lie. In such relationships, it’s not all about being with someone but rather about ‘leaving’ even before saying ‘I love you.’ But it doesn’t stop there, even in this kind of relationship, people want the heart for ‘takeaway.’

You can also watch the music video that they shot at The Vessel (NYC), which makes the video special as being the first MV shot there.

Watch Music Video “Takeaway” By Chainsmokers & ILLENIUM’s Ft. Lennon Stella

Post Author: David Watt