Single Review + Music Video: “Humble” by Kendrick Lamar

Kendrick Lamar has released a new song titled “Humble”. The singer has also accompanied a music video along with the release of this new song. The song is produced by Mike Will Made It. The song will be included in Kendrick Lamar’s upcoming studio album. The release date for this album is still unknown although we expect Kendrick to announce it now when “Humble” is out.

The song “Humble” isn’t only available in the audio but Kendrick Lamar has also released a music video along with the release of the audio version. You can watch the music video after this review or simply scroll down and hit ‘play’. It’s a good video that’s visually amazing so expect a pleasure trip into Lamar’s world.

The song “Humble” is about having money and still being humble, as the title would also suggest. In the song, Kendrick raps about being rich and having a lot of money but being humble despite that. You will enjoy the typical urban trap beat that sets the song on its natural course.

The music video for the song “Humble” shows us a lot of Kendrick doing some crazy stuff. First, he enjoys a game of golf on top of his car. When he is done with that, he puts his hair on fire. And when he raps, he is surrounded by black men who are bald and their clothes are identifying them as some religious persons. Even the setting on the room has the medieval effect. Maybe, Kendrick wanted to show these bald black men as popes, who are enjoying a feast. You’re definitely going to love this song and this music video so don’t go anywhere and press the Play button below.

Watch “Humble” Music Video by Kendrick Lamar

Post Author: David Watt