Single Review: “Little Of Your Love” by HAIM

HAIM has finally released the overdue studio version of his recent single “Little Of Your Love”. The trio premiered this new single back in July when they performed it live on SNL. However, for some unknown reason, HAIM kept delaying the studio version until now. Today, they give us that precious song in full, in HQ.

I don’t know what happened but it doesn’t seem wise to delay the studio version for so many weeks when the SNL performance went fine. Fans gave a good response and they wanted to hear the song in high quality. However, the band decided for some reason not to release the studio version at that time. I wish the band had released the studio version the same night.

You can stream “Little Of Your Love” below, after the review.

This new single “Little Of Your Love” adds another gem to HAIM’s much-awaited upcoming studio album. It will be the band’s second studio album. The album, titled “Something To Tell You”, will possibly come out on July 7th. However, fans have every right to think that the trio may postpone the release date, as they delayed the studio version this time. I hope they release it on the date as they have already gathered quite a following.

Even though this studio version took a month to reach us, it is something truly worth waiting. the vocals are absolutely awesome and the production is as good as you get. It has the potential to become your favorite song this summer.

Since the band will be releasing the second studio album after two weeks, it seems like a good time to get a hit under their belt. If this song gets things rolling, the band will release one more countdown single before the album finally comes out. It could be a real treat for the fans. Keeps your fingers cross and listen to this mesmerizing single below.

Listen to “Little Of Your Love” by HAIM  – Full Studio Version


Post Author: David Watt