Single Review: Listen to “Wonder Woman” by JoJo

JoJo has released a new song titled “Wonder Woman”. This song came out on the day when it’s her debut album’s 13th anniversary. This new song is a reminder of the past. It is there solely for one purpose – to remind us that JoJo was once a ‘wonder woman’. We have no doubts about that but now she needs to release her new album seriously. That’s what her fans need right now and she shouldn’t delay it for the sake of album success. The more she delays it, the less excited her fans will be when receiving the new album.

This new song by JoJo has probably nothing to do with the ‘Wonder Woman’ movie. It could be just a clever marketing move to either name the song after the movie and to release it at a time when everyone is going to click anything that’s titled ‘wonder woman’. Whatever it is, JoJo won the marketing thing and now its time she gives us her album. Everyone will be listening to this song over next couple of days so if JoJo gives them a date for her new album NOW, it could be another great move.

This new track titled “Wonder Woman” is a pure R&B track where JoJo tells us about her former lover. She had a wonderful sexual connection with him and that’s what makes her the ‘wonder woman’. She tells us how he touched and caressed her. She misses him and his body. That’s what she wants to talk about in this song. Give it a listen below and you might just fall in love with this ‘wonder woman’.

Listen to “Wonder Woman” by JoJo

Post Author: David Watt