Single Review: “I Wish” By Hayley Kiyoko

Hayley Kiyoko is back with a new single. The single titled “I Wish” marks the beginning of a new era for the 28-year-old singer. She has been teasing this new track for some time now and we’ve been desperate to get a listen. Now that it’s out and we’ve had a listen, it’s obvious that this track definitely deserved the hype Hayley built around it. It is easily one of her best tracks and she made the right choice by using it as her comeback single.

The track is about a relationship that has its own problems and shortcomings but they’re still holding on. In this relationship, the partner isn’t paying attention to each other. When one talks, the other doesn’t listen. Both are kind of selfish with their affection but still, they’re together and want to stay together. So how could they repair this relationship and turn it into something they desire? Listen to “I Wish” to find the answer below.

EDIT: The 28-year-old singer has also released the official music video along with the track. You can check out the MV below.

Listen To New Single “I Wish” By Hayley Kiyoko + Music Video

Post Author: David Watt