New Single Review: “Back To Life” by Alicia Keys

Alicia Keys has premiered new music and it’s great. The new single that she premiered this week is titled “Back To Live” and it will be used as a soundtrack for the upcoming Disney movie titled “Queen of Katwe”. This animated film for kids will be out in the theaters on 30 September.

This new Disney movie is based on a true story of a young girl who sells corn in her town in Uganda. As she continues to explore life, she finds out about the game of chess. It changes her life significantly and she decides to play chess as a professional player. She dreams of becoming a top international player. She has confident and she has the support of her family to make her dreams come true.

“Back To Life” is like the lifeline of the movie. The song is now available on different digital platforms.

The song “Back To Life” is more than five minutes long. When the song opens up, you hear Alicia Keys singing with only an acoustic guitar in the background. But then there is a burst, that of confidence and new life. You hear it in the song as the song turns itself on its head, sounding like a house anthem. It’s unbelievable as you can feel the confidence rising throughout the song, just as it happens in the movie. Time to listen to this song.

Listen to “Back To Life” by Alicia Keys

Post Author: David Watt