Single Review: “Ashes” By August Eve

August Eve has launched her debut EP and along with it, she has also given us a flavor of this album. The song she released is titled “Ashes.” This album took four years and the song she previewed indicates that the four-year wait was worth it.

August Eve released her previous song in 2015 and it was amazing. The vocals were beautiful and August Eve seemed perfect for the biggest music scene. Instantly, we all wanted to hear a lot more from the singer with honey-dipped vocals but she disappeared and no one knew where she went. But finally, she has returned last week and everyone who remembers her is super excited. The 21-year old returned with a new song and it sounds as good as was her last one all those years ago.

The song “Ashes” is a drowsy lullaby where she talks about how humans relations are weak you can’t trust them. The song is about people closer to you and how we build expectations and start relying on them. The song title “Ashes” is a symbolic reference to ‘remains of something that once was.’ Give it a listen below.

Listen To “Ashes” By August Eve

Post Author: David Watt