Single “Lost In Motion” By Rain Phoenix

Rain Phoenix has released a new single from her LP “River.” The new single is titled “Lost In Motion” and it has also received visual treatment. You can see the music video after the review below. She

“Lost In Motion” is a taste from her new album that came out on 31st. If you are unaware of who is Rain Phoenix, she is the younger sister of late River Phoenix and the older sister of versatile actor Joaquin Phoenix who played Joker in the latest DC movie.

The album River is dedicated to her brother River Phoenix who had his 25th anniversary recently. Ever since the anniversary, Rain has been working on the album slowly. She first released “Time Is A Killer”, followed it up with “Immolate” and now she has given us this new gem. Although she has her own reasons to do the album, she told her fans that everyone would take something from it. Songs may nourish them differently but that’s the reason we all love the language of music.

The music video for “Lost In Motion” is directed by Catherine Keener and Clyde Keener (who is Catherine’s son). Give it a try below and you will enjoy the visuals.

Listen To “Lost In Motion” By Rain Phoenix

Post Author: Asif Mumtaz