Single: Listen to “Rise” by Jonas Blue and Jack & Jack

Jonas Blue has teamed up with Jack & Jack for his new single “Rise”. If you haven’t heard about Jack & Jack, you are probably not following New Music Friday. These pop stars started their career as Vine artists but then got incredible acceptance for their talent. Now they are making their entry to the REAL music industry through this collaboration with Jonas Blue.

“Rise” – the new single by Jonas Blue – is yet another global club hit. The star has already racked up a long list of hit singles that have earned him huge fame. The singles include “By Your Side”, “Perfect Strangers”, and “Hearts Ain’t Gonna Lie”. These bangers find their way across clubs everywhere around the world. I’m sure this new dance-pop song finds its place among Jonas’ other club hits.

The new track “Rise” has uplifting lyrics and a very vibrant production. Is it a summer smash hit? I totally feel that since the song has all the necessary ingredients and it sounds awesome on the ears. That’s all you want for a hit. Now how big it can go is a question whose answer depends on how Jonas treats this track. Will he be doing a music video? Will he be promoting it properly?

Jack & Jack have made nice contribution to the track singing on the chorus. The chorus is really good but it’s after the chorus that you experience the best of this track. It drops like crazy and that’s what makes it a definite hit. I’m sure it will work out for Jack & Jack. Listen to the track below.

Listen to “Rise” by Jonas Blue and Jack & Jack

Post Author: David Watt