New Single: “Jugg” by Fetty Wap [Full HQ Version]

Fetty Wap’s latest single “Jugg” isn’t new as we have already heard its snippets and a live recording. But there was no HQ audio until today. Fetty Wap has finally released full studio version of his latest single. Fetty uploaded the full version featuring Monty to YouTube.

“Jugg” will be the fourth track on Fetty’s debut album. This album will be available in stores on September 25 and you will be able to purchase it.

As you will quickly notice, “Jugg” has a pretty infectious hook. Fetty Wap made us wait four long months to get this full version and it looks worth the wait. In fact, the track sounds so good that it will enter top 10 in a day if Fetty decides to treat it like a proper single. However, that’s something for Fetty to decide but you can listen to this amazing new song below. You can listen it as many times as many you want.

Listen to “Jugg” by Fetty Wap [Full HQ Version]


Post Author: David Watt