Single: “Give Up The Ghost” By Ariana & The Rose

If you just thought that you have a new Ariana Grande single, you need to look outside top 40 music. There isn’t just one Ariana. We also have Ariana & The Rose band. Ariana DiLorenzo, the lead singer, is from New York but she has lived in London for long and that’s where her musical journey has matured. The band has released a new single titled “Give Up The Ghost”.

Chances are that you might have heard to Ariana & The Rose. Their song “In Your Bed” got some attention. Back then, the band had a pop sound but now they have matured and developed their own unique sound, closer to alternative synth-pop. This new sounds fits Ariana’s vocals perfectly and that’s what you get to hear in their latest track.

The track “Give Up The Ghost” is a heartfelt ballad where Ariana sings about young girls who fall for seduction. People with wrong intentions try to lure them. These situations are tailor-made for a future heartbreak and there is nothing but pain in these relationships. Ariana wants girls to move on in case they are facing a similar situation.

Since Ariana has now matured her voice, it sounds like a perfect time for her to go global. Her ability to transmit strong messages through relatively lighter tracks is definitely something that will help her find her connection with global audience. Listen to her latest track below and keep your fingers crossed for her future tracks.

Listen to “Give Up The Ghost” by Ariana & The Rose

Post Author: Asif Mumtaz