New Single: “Feral Hearts” by Kerli

Kerli lived in California for seven years and we could see the effects. She has matured and has a lot more creativity in her music since the last time we heard her. This is definitely due to her grooming in the entertainment capital i.e. California. Now that she is located back in her home country, we’re sure she will have a lot of time to give us wonder hits, just like the one she recently released, titled “Feral Hearts”.

Kerli, the 29-year old singer Estonia, recently released her new single “Feral Hearts”, which is an emotional track, filled with modern synths. The song sets a perfect atmosphere for emotionally powerful lyrics. The singer is also keen to help her fans understand the song, not just listen. That’s the reason she has went on length to explain what the song is about. Once you know the background, you’re definitely going to enjoy the song even more.

While talking about the song, Kerli described the background of the song saying that she was in a forest temple all by herself for a year practicing a simple lifestyle. That’s where she drew her inspiration for the song. She told her fans that this would be the most honest sound and visual that she had ever created. Listen to her new song below.

Listen to “Feral Hearts” by Kerli

Post Author: David Watt