Single: “Soap” by Melanie Martinez

Melanie Martinez has dropped another single from her début album “Cry Baby”. This new single is titled “Soap” and it is a bubbly pop song where talented 20 year old singer stays true to her tunes. Her previous single “Pity Party” was depressing and so is “Soap”, which sounds like another dark adventure mainly due to gloomy pop synths.

Melanie Martinez has been teasing audience with her music throughout the year. She is planning to finally release her début LP in a month’s time. Anyone following her music would accept that she is a genius and probably the best we have seen from The Voice in 2015. If she continues like that and hires a good stylist, there is no doubt that she will be the big star of the future.

“God I wish I never spoke, now I gotta wash my mouth out with soap”, Melanie sings as she talks about the benefits of keeping your mouth shut. She also has plenty of other arguments to support her theory that one should keep the mouth shut otherwise there is always a chance that one will need to wash mouth with soap.

Her bubbly vocals receive a wonderful production, the reason she is already being thought of as the kookiest pop offering of this year. The Dollhouse diva will definitely make a big name for her with her début LP. She is enjoying a lot of radio airtime and fans are already preparing to buy her album, when it comes out. She is keeping true to her talent as we saw in the hit American television vocal talent show The Voice. The only thing she is lacking so far is probably her style.

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Post Author: David Watt