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New Music Video: “The Greatest” by Sia

Sia’s videos are hard to interpret at the first time you watch them though one can’t refuse the greatness and heaviness in it. Just like any other of her music videos, “The Greatest” is yet another masterpiece; Staring Maddie Ziegler as the on-screen face for Sia, delivering her best in the video with the incredible acting skills.

The music strikes to everyone as an energetic and uplifting track, and Maddie’s movements taking it to the next level. The lyrics turn out to be contradicting to people but it’s Sia’s way to deliver the message (never give up). We should believe on our inner-self in every situation and everything will be alright. No matter what obstacle comes in her way, she got the willpower to achieve the permanent glory.

Viewers say that the video is connected to the massacre happened lately in Orlando gay bar with 49 casualties. As in the video Maddie with 49 young dancers fall down at the end showing the ruthless killing happened on that night. Though, there’s no confirmation from Sia about any such interpretation.

Despite what actually the video is about, it’s a wonderful showpiece of art and acting. Maddie Ziegler steals the show again as expected. Leave your review of the interpretation of the video below!

Watch: Sia – “The Greatest” Music Video

Post Author: David Watt