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New Music Video: Shawn Mendes – “Mercy”

Shawn Mendes, a Canadian vocalist, and lyricist have released official second single “Mercy” from his forthcoming album “illuminate” on VEVO this Wednesday. “Treat you better” the first premiered track got much appreciation and now he’s out again to steal the hearts of his fan.

The music video begins with Shawn Mendes in a low-light room having few of the musical instruments along with him. He’s playing each of the instruments by himself with such passion that he destroys them all at one point. It also reflects the sentiment of anger; maybe he’s trying to deal with it through playing the instruments.

In about the other moments of the video, you’ll see Mr. Mendes drowning inside a car in the ocean. The video is so captivating that you would want to see it until the end to find out the climax. Shawn will struggle to get out until the very last moment of the video where he finally manages to break the window and escape the car.

It’s been just two days and guess what! “Mercy” has almost 3 million views on VEVO. Though the repetitive words don’t sound too good but overall the music and the video deserves a thumbs up.

Watch “Mercy” by Shawn Mendes

Post Author: David Watt