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New Music Video Review: “You Owe Me” by The Chainsmokers

The Chainsmokers teased their latest song “You Owe Me” with a short snippet on social media a couple of days back and now the band has released the official music video for their latest single. Isn’t that feels like a huge week for the band?

The music video for “You Owe Me” is a bloodfest – one that you definitely don’t want to become a part of in any way. However, you might find it interesting to watch this party on your screen, from a safe distance.

The music video came on yesterday. Unlike anything we expected, the video turns out to be a bloody affair. It’s a dinner party. The music video opens with the duo cleaning their home for the party. They are getting ready, fixing their house and working in the kitchen. As their guests arrive, things start getting somewhat violent. Everyone sits down for the dinner and that’s when they realize that their hosts are actually vampires who are going to fest on their guests. Instead of eating a dinner, they are going to be consumed at dinner. As that thought comes to the mind of the guests, they are afraid and want to run away. But unfortunately, The Chainsmokers had prepared for the party and left no way for their guests to escape their home.

The music video is directed by Rory Kramer. It’s a very interesting music video with a bloody concept. It feels like The Chainsmokers are going in the right direction after making a bad start to 2018 with “Sick Boy”. Unlike that song, their latest single “You Owe Me” has relatable lyrics and a powerful production. It soars higher than Sick Boy and could easily turn into a timeless hit for the band. Watch the music video below and listen to “You Owe Me”.

Watch Music Video “You Owe Me” by The Chainsmokers

Post Author: David Watt