Music Video: “My Favorite Part” by Mac Miller & Ariana Grande

Mac Miller has released a new single from his album “The Divine Feminine”. The album has already been in the stores since September but for some unknown reasons Mac Miller has kept hiding this gem of a song until now. But finally, “My Favorite Part” is here with a massive music video.

“My Favorite Part” is a collaboration between Mac Miller and Ariana Grande, who also happens to be his girlfriend these days. It seems obvious that the love birds pushed their individual labels to release the song in December so that they can market it and push it as something fans would end their year with. It seems like the perfect time for Mac Miller to take out this ace that he has been hiding up his sleeve for quite some time now.

Apart from December being an important month, it is also time when Ari has time to promote this song. With a schedule not as busy as during the other months of the year, she can definitely take out a few moments to talk about the song. She will also perform it on TV. Now that’s a huge favor for Mac Miller.

The music video for “My Favorite Part” is directed by “_P” and it shows Mac Miller and Ariana Grande feeling massive physical as well as an emotional attraction towards each other. They are living in a building and their apartments are next to each other. They bump into each other when trying to rush to their apartments. But things change after their encounter. Both know it inside that the other person is massively attractive. Time to watch the video to see what happens after their intimate relationship is about to turn into a real physical thing.

Watch “My Favorite Part” by Mac Miller and Ariana Grande

Post Author: David Watt