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Music Video – “My Buddy” by Christina Grimmie [Deceased]

Christina Grimmie, a beautiful voice but silenced too early, has a new music video for her song “My Buddy”. Surprisingly, Christina’s family released the music video. They had recorded the video early but wanted to wait for the right time to release it.

Her family released the video on Facebook. The video is here to support the original song “My Buddy” by Christina. The video will make you cry especially when you think about Christina’s tragic death.

Before Christina died, she shot an independent film The Matchbreaker. The film released in some theaters across the US two months back. The soundtrack of the film titled “My Buddy” was released last week. It also included various other songs from the film. You can purchase the soundtrack on iTunes.

Now the film “The Matchbreaker” is set for official digital release. It was the appropriate time to unveil the soundtrack. That’s what Christina’s family did. Now you can watch the film on-demand and watch the music video for the song “My Buddy” as well.

The music video shows us Christina Grimmie performing on stage. It’s a scene from the film. The other scenes included in the MV are also from the movie. With this music video, you are probably watching the last MV from Christina unless her family has something from earlier days that they would possibly unveil at a later stage.

Watch Christina Grimmie in her last MV “My Buddy”

Post Author: David Watt