New Music Video: “Mine” by Bazzi [MV + Video Review]

Bazzi was a viral sensation before 2018. But the viral star turned things a level up this year with new single “Mine”. It’s a pop and hip-hop hybrid song that has already received over 20 million views of top streaming services. The song topped Apple Music’s Pop Streaming Chart recently. Bazzi is definitely the new breakout star – the first one of 2018. Watch for him this year as he plans to give us a lot of new music in 2018.

If you are still not convinced of the talents of Bazzi, you gotta look at Soundcloud Top 50. You won’t see even a single pop song in the entire list except “Mine”. That, for a lot of music bloggers, is a stamp of authority and a confirmation that Bazzi is the first rising star of 2018 to watch.

This brilliant response to “Mine” has motivated Bazzi to release a music video for the song. As you could expect, it’s a trippy music video that takes you to an entirely different and somewhat psychedelic visual reality. If you like digital art, this music video could easily become one of your favorite visuals. It’s perfect considering the song’s dreamy vibe and I feel like Bazzi is going to get even more attention with this video already getting viral. Watch it below.

Watch Music Video “Mine” by Bazzi

Post Author: David Watt