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Music Video: “Mala Santa” By Becky G

Becky G has dropped the official music video for her new song that she released just a couple of days ago after she announced her album “Mala Santa” to drop the next week. Now after this announcement, it’s difficult for the fans to wait until the already-filled-with-hits album comes out, Becky G decided to keep them occupied with the taste of the lead single from the album along with a music video.

The song “Mala Santa” is a slinky bop that can easily become your favorite in no time. While talking about the song, Becky was excited to share a piece of her album with her fans. She told the media that it always feels great and means a lot to her when she shares her music and fans respond in a positive way. She also hinted that it was only the beginning and she has many surprises for the fans in her upcoming album. Now we agree with her after listening to “Mala Santa.” Surprisingly, she also packed a music video with it.

The music video is a hot and sexy affair as you see the Stream Queen dancing and looking amazing. The choreography and videography are perfect for this music video. In the video, you will see Becky dancing under lights that change color. As the color shifts, Becky morphs into someone new, with new clothes and makeup but she continues dancing. Watch the music video below and you’ll probably figure out different sides of Becky G in it.

Watch Music Video “Mala Santa” By Becky G

Post Author: David Watt