Music Video: “I’m Not Gay” Shawn Mendes

I don’t what went wrong last week, but something definitely happened. You could see it Shawn Mendes’ recently previewed music video “I’m Not Gay”. To be honest, he is furious and he probably wants to answer a lot of critics in this song. Whoever pushed the button, Shaw has taken it seriously and he is out there to prove that he’s not a gay.

Canadian pop star Shawn Mendes probably had to answer all these rumors. He recently saw some of his interviews on YouTube and was furious to see the comments. Many people were calling him a gay after seeing his interviews. To be honest, if you go there on YouTube and look at comments under one of his interviews, you will be shocked to see how everyone has started thinking of Shawn as a gay. “I’m Not Gay” is his answer to all those critics, fans, and haters who have been talking nonsense about Shawn on social media.

“I’m Not Gay”is a personal song but one can relate to it. There are so many people who seem soft and people immediately label them as gays. This song is for all of them so that they could answer their critics. Listen to “I’m Not Gay” and watch its official music video below.

Watch Music Video “I’m Not Gay” by Shawn Mendes

Post Author: David Watt