Lana Del Rey

Music Video: “High By The Beach” by Lana Del Rey

Lana Del Rey has premiered a new music video. The music video for “High By The Beach” released through VEVO, had gathered a lot of momentum through snippets released on Instagram. Lana has been very active on Instagram throughout the last week promoting her music video. The single “High By The Beach” will serve as the official lead single from her upcoming studio album titled “Honeymoon”.

This new music video by Lana Del Rey is directed by Jake Nava. Lana and Jake have already worked together on a previous project.

The visuals show Lana getting down from a helicopter. As she makes her way down, newspapers fly around, having her stories on the front page. She goes to her mansion where she throws herself on the bed and flips through a magazine. As she is looking at the magazine without any purpose, the helicopter flows closer to her, now being visible through the windows. There is a photographer in the helicopter who is possibly a journalist because he is taking her pictures through the window. She comes out, poses for a few photos and then runs towards the beach where she reveals a machine gun hidden inside a guitar case and below big rocks. She goes to the balcony, takes out her huge gun and takes down the helicopter.

Watch Music Video “High On The Beach” by Lana Del Rey

Post Author: David Watt