New Music Video: “Happy Days” by Brooke Candy

Brooke Candy earlier showed us her softer side by turning down on the intensity and anger a little when she released her single. Now with the release of this new video, Brooke has changed everything about her, including her appearance. “Happy Days”, the new music video, gives us a new and different sides of Brooke Candy.

Brooke Candy has totally changed the way she used to look a few years back. She has revealed her new look in her new music video “Happy Days”. The music video premiered on VEVO a few days back. The single “Happy Days” is taken from Miss Brooke’s upcoming first major album, which will be released by RCA Records.

“Happy Days” ¬†is an electronic-urban track with a lot of pop vibes thrown in there, reminding us about the old Brooke Candy. The track was originally released a week before the music video was released.

The most surprising thing about this new music video is the new Brooke Candy that you may love or hate, depending on whether you liked the Brooke Candy from two years back. The new Brooke Candy is soft version of the original Brooke Candy. Maybe it was RCA that made her change so that she can get more album sales and get some radio time, something she missed a lot during her “Opulence” EP days a few days back.

Watch “Happy Days” music video – Full official version

Post Author: David Watt