Music Video: “Enemiez” by Keke Palmer Featuring Jeremih

Keke Palmer has been around since 2007 when she debuted her LP titled “So Uncool”. However, it wasn’t anything special and never managed to grab attention on any scale as an album despite including some great pop anthems. However, Keke, the former child star, wasn’t ready just yet to give up on her music career. She came back with a string of mixtapes before she took help from Jeremih for her latest party anthem, “Enemiez”.

This new single is produced by Jonas Jeberg who has already produced some major pop singles. This urban pop is a perfect single for Keke to make a comeback. The song is about “Enemiez” and being an enemy could be beneficial especially when you love someone. Why, simply because her boy likes to keep friends close but enemies closer. It sounds like a clever idea to become an enemy so to stay closer than friends. After all, that’s what Keke wants in this Jeremih-assisted single.

The music video has some great dance moves. You gotta see it yourself. Hit play below.

Watch “Enemies” by Keke Palmer featuring Jeremih

Post Author: Asif Mumtaz