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Music Video: “Element” by Kendrick Lamar

Kendrick Lamar has premiered the official music video for his recent single “Element”. This music video is a kind of confirmation that Mr. Lamar will be treating “Element” as the official new single. That’s a good news for the fans who wanted to see the¬†rapper give them more material.

This new music video is directed by Jonas Lindstroem. The video is about African Americans. It’s their story in America. They fight and they make love. They contribute to the society and they are seen in prison. Such is the conflict between the two sides of their life. That’s what you are going to see in this new music video.

It’s an impressive visual. It takes us deep into the life of African Americans and shows us the real meaning of being a part of this community. Kendrick Lamar has done a really creative job here. The directed Jonas Lindstroem has done great work to support the rapper’s creative impulses.

The music video for “Element” is visually so much powerful that you won’t be able to take your eyes off the screen for the entire duration. It spans over 3 minutes. You ¬†can watch the music video below. Just hit PLAY (and don’t forget to leave a comment below).

Watch Music Video “Element” by Kendrick Lamar – OFFICIAL

Post Author: David Watt