New Music Video: “Child’s Play” by Drake

Drake has premiered the music video for his new track “Child’s Play”. He released the video on Apple store on September 3rd. The track is 12-minute long so Drake had a lot to show us in this prolonged MV.

The music video is directed by Spiff TV and Drake. The video is about Drake’s vision of a guy who cheats on his girlfriend. The guy in the video is Drake and the female role is played by the former supermodel Tyra Banks.

The music video opens with Drake on a date. Everything between the couple seems just about fine and lovely when the audience is taken to a heart-breaking scene where Drake’s girl checks his phone and finds out text messages from another girl. She discovers the harsh truth that her man has been cheating on her. She’s so angry that the only option she’s left with is to say goodbye to her boyfriend.

In the next scene of Child’s Play music video, you’d see Drake in Houston in a strip club where he could try to seduce strippers, forgetting about what happened recently between him and his girlfriend. Maybe, this is his way of moving on. Time to watch this music video and see if Drake has managed to keep audiences hooked for the 12 long minutes.

Watch “Child’s Play” music video by Drake

Post Author: David Watt