Music Video: “Bad Liar” by Selena Gomez

Selena Gomez has released the new music video “Bad Liar”. You will see Selena showing her acting skills in this video and that’s the only thing that pushed me to review it. Other than that, you won’t find anything interesting in the video. Maybe, Selena Gomez will delete the video when she really considers it from the perspective of a fan.

The music video came out this Wednesday. It was officially released on VEVO. Unfortunately, everyone who saw the video wished that Selena hadn’t done this video. A lot of fans even asked her on social media to delete the video so they could comfortably forget about it. It’s that BAD.

It’s definitely one of the worst music videos that Selena Gomez has done to date. She even tried to test this concept with her exclusive video that she did earlier and put it on Spotify. Even then, she went on to repeat the same, while knowing that it won’t possibly work in her favor. I don’t know what she was thinking this whole time.

In the official music video for “Bad Liar”, Selena Gomez plays four different roles. She appears as a school principal in the beginning. Then she does the role of his wife and follows it up with the role of their daughter. Finally, you will see her as a basketball coach.  Now, these are a lot of roles, each demanding excellent performance, which Selena couldn’t deliver. Maybe, the video would have done OK if she had picked a seasoned actor for these roles, even if she wanted one person to play all the different roles in her music video. But nevertheless, it’s here and she can’t change things. All she can do is to give her fans a fabulous video for her next single so they could forget about this crap.

Watch “Bad Liar” Music Video by Selena Gomez

Post Author: David Watt