New Music Video: “A Little Work” by Fergie

Fergie has released a new music video for “A Little Work” from “Double Dutchess” album. This is the official music video for this song and it’s not a surprise at all. Fergie has been releasing music videos from her album and we were expecting her to do even this song. This midtempo track deserved a video as it sounds really cool.

In the music video, Fergie captured the soul of her track and made the video super colorful. You will see Fergie playing various different roles in this video as she shows us her diversity with the camera. You will see her as a housewife and as a mental patient who is about to go crazy. But these depressing roles aren’t the only ones that Fergie will play in the video but she will also show up as a bride who is wearing a glittering bright dress. She’s a sign of joy.

There are tons of other roles that you will see in this music video. I believe, Fergie wanted to us her acting talent in this video while staying true to the concept of the song. She has done a great job and deserves all the appreciation in the world for this wonderful visual.

There is a surprise towards the end of the video. You will see Fergie’s son in the video. It’s only a glimpse towards the end of the video but still that’s something fans would love to talk about. It’s time you watch the music video.

Watch “A Little Work” Official Music Video by Fergie

Post Author: David Watt