New Music: SEASFIRE – ‘We Will Wake EP’ review

SEASFIRE – ‘We Will Wake EP’

I’ve been looking forward to this EP since SEASFIRE dropped the superb title track back in October, and I’m happy to say it lives up to all my expectations.

For a group that made their name with bleak and atmospheric ‘post-dubstep’ tracks like ‘Falling’ and ‘Heartbeat’, it’s a bit of a surprise to hear such an accessible and pop-centric debut EP – although on ‘We Will Wake’, SEASFIRE  smartly retain some of the rough edges that made their early tracks so exciting.

As I said back in October, the title track is brilliant and is the sound of a new band determined to make their mark:

Elsewhere, ‘How Do You Sleep’ shimmers in all the right places and makes full use of singer Josh Thorn’s emotive vocals, which push the track close to anthem status. ‘You Won’t Be’ starts off with a skittery, Burial-esque beat before building up into another anthemic chorus, before stand-out track ‘Human Sacrifice’ takes over with it’s overpowering electro beats and epic grandeur.

The EP signs off with ‘Undone’, a melodic ballad with a dark edge that simmers with unresolved tension.

‘We Will Wake’ is a brilliantly self-assured and composed debut EP from a band who appear to have all the tools for mainstream success – I guess 2013 will reveal whether they have or not….

‘We Will Wake EP’ is out now via Cheap Thrills.

Post Author: Luke Glassford

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