Music: “Runaway” by Clubhouse

“Runaway” by Clubhouse is one of those few tracks that you won’t probably be able to discover it until someone blogs about it. It is one of the best tracks you’d heard this year and yet it is unknown and may pass away as a potential hit. But here is your chance to listen to some good underground music that may just become your favorite track.

It isn’t just this song that’s helping Clubhouse make a name for themselves but they are a good package overall. The local five piece band performed recently at gig in Columbus, Ohio. The band had got an entry to the gig through a competition from CD102.5 FM and everyone thought that they might just be puzzled to come out in front of a large crowd while trying to deliver their best performance in a gig of a lifetime. But nothing was like that. The band out-performed everyone else and was clearly the winner. By the end of the gig, it was clear that the band had the potential and it clearly justified it’s place in the line up.

The band – comprised of Zak Blumer on drums, Ari as lead guitarist, Max Reichert as vocalist, Ben Saulnier and Michael Berthold as backing vocals – released their first song back in spring. It was titled “To The Ocean”. Now they have released their second song titled “Runaway”. The band is ready with an EP and they look all set for taking over the Ohio fanbase by the next year. Listen to the song below.

Listen to “Runaway” by Clubhouse

Post Author: David Watt