Music: “In The Mix” By Mariah Carey

Mariah Carey has dropped a new anthem titled “In The Mix.” This new track will serve as the theme song for the new series “Mixed-ish.” The song has an empowering message that it successfully delivers home the first time you listen to it.

The message in the song is about being who you are and continuing on your path of love even though others will try to stop you. These opening lines lead into an empowering chorus. This is how life is in the mix. It turns around, takes a circle and you face the same thing again. So only being strong and staying dedicated to your path could help.

It’s a great song and it could just be the next big hit we want from Mimi. Give it a listen below and you might just fall in love with this anthem. Hit PLAY below to bless your ears with this magic.

New Music: “In The Mix” By Mariah Carey

Post Author: David Watt