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New Music: “Forever” by DNCE – Soundtrack for The Lego Batman Movie

DNCE has premiered a new song titled “Forever”. This new track will serve as the soundtrack for the upcoming animated Hollywood film “The Lego Batman Movie”. The movie will come to a theater near you on February 10th.

The song “Forever” has a very inspirational song with powerful lyrics. It’s about the power of truth and the kind of bright light it brings to our soul. Joe Jonas sings about the time when he saw the truth for the first time. Despite the lyrics being powerful and thoughtful, the song is kind of disappointing. It feels as if the band lost its mojo in this song and that’s a bad sign. Maybe, someone else should have recorded this song.

The real reason why this song turns out to be disappointing is the fact that Joe Jonas-led band is good at funk-dance-pop songs. Listen to all their hits and you will know that the band does a great job when creating music within their own domain. Unfortunately, this track “Forever” is more of a pop rock song that doesn’t have the DNCE feel in it. As a result, the overall listening experience is bad and there is no way to love the song.

Listen to “Forever” below and see if you can like the song somehow. For me, it’s a ‘bad’ song but not that bad to spoil DNCE’s past hits. You can safely skip this one after listening to it for once or maybe twice if you are a hardcore DNCE fan.

Listen to “Forever” by DNCE – The Lego Batman Movie Soundtrack

Post Author: David Watt