Music: “Feel Me” by Selena Gomez

Selena Gomez has debuted new music at Revival Tour. The opened the tour with a brand new sexy song titled “Feel Me”. It’s one of the 20 songs that Selena has selected for her Revival tour.

Selena was performing at Mandalay Bay Events Center in LA where she premiered her new song in front of a sold-out crowd. She used the tour opener as an opportunity to give her fans something new. “Feel Me” is a strong song that’s all about possession. She wants her boy to feel her when he closes his lips or dances with another girl. It looks as if Selena doesn’t want her boyfriend to think about anyone but her.

“Feel Me” has a  high quality production and it’s similar to the other productions on “Revival”. It looks as if Selena will be dropping a new edition of her studio album that came out last year. Since this song shares elements with other songs on Survival, there is every chance that this theory could turn out to be true.

Watch Selena Gomez Performing “Feel Me” at Revival Tour – New Music

Post Author: David Watt