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New Music: “Cold” by Maroon 5 Featuring Future

Maroon 5 and Future have released a new song titled “Cold”. This new song isn’t Valentine’s Day song exactly but it’s the song that most people heard yesterday.

This new song “Cold” is now available in full high-quality studio version. You can listen to this high-quality version below or simply go to VEVO to listen to it. You will hear some verses from famous rapper Future as well in this second single from Maroon 5’s upcoming sixth studio album.

Although it’s a good song, you will easily notice the commercial nature of this song. This isn’t the first time that Maroon 5 has shown us the commercial side of their music but they have been doing it for a while now where they prefer commercial sound over original sound. This song follows the same trend so you shouldn’t be surprised at all.

With this song, the band is definitely going to hit the Top 40 radio and stay there for a while. That’s one perk of sacrificing original sound for commercial sound. With Future contributing to this song, they will have a good chance to hit the urban radio as well. I’m sure you could now see the direction Maroon 5 is heading. Now listen to this song below and see how it makes you play it over and over again.

Listen to “Cold” by Maroon 5 featuring Future

Post Author: David Watt