Music: “Boomslang” by Lucas Luck

Lucas Luck is a Nottingham-based renowned DJ and producer who has recently released his new House gem titled “Boomslang” through Uprise Music. The track is available for free download.

“Boomslang” is an infectious track featuring heavy bass and a catchy melody. Beats and dubs will make you want to listen to it on repeat for hours and will get you in mood to dance without wasting any time. It’s a ‘crack on the wax’, a catchy single that has the power to get everyone moving. Choppy vocals and stabbing bass make it a perfect mix for dancefloor.

Lucas Luck believes that his music is something that audience can expect from Hulk (Marvel’s superhero) if he was making music. This sounds true with bass-driven heavy beats but there is a lot more to this track than huge beats. Lucas has mixed choppy vocals with these beats which makes it a catchy House gem. If you’re a fan of House genre then there is no way you could miss this – you may also want to add his Official Facebook Page to your bookmarks. Since you can download the track free, you should rush to download link below and get your copy instantly.

DOWNLOAD “Boomslang” by Lucas Luck 

“Boomslang” is released by Uprise Music which is an independent music record label based in NYC. Uprise Music is a part of Phase One Network.

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Post Author: David Watt