New Music: “Army Of Me” by Anastacia

Anastacia is full of surprises. She has been like that throughout her career. When everyone thought she is out and gone, she hit everyone with lightening as she released her resurrection album titled “Resurrection” as if she was trying to mock the critics and those who felt she won’t return. That album, released last year, had some of the best of Anastacia’s music so far, such as “Stupid Little Things”.

A year later, Anastacia is back with yet another massive compilation of greatest hits. This time she is calling her album “Ultimate Collection” so we can expect to have some great music to listen for the coming year. This album will be released on November 6th via Sony Music.

Although 47-years old artist’s new album will mainly consist of her all-time greatest hits, there are a few new songs in there as well to keep the fans interested. She has taken 10 years to release her second rendition of ‘greatest hits’.

One of the new songs to be included in her ‘greatest hits’ album is “Army of Me”. When you listen to this track, you’re going to feel really lucky to have lived enough to listen to this masterpiece by the timeless singer. She is at her very best in this track and this can be the major motivation for fans to go and grab her new album. The track is so good that majority of fans will rate this as her best track ever. It looks as if prime days for Anastacia have returned.

Listen to “Army Of Me” by Anastacia



Post Author: David Watt