Music: “Tennessee” by Kiiara

Kiiara has received a lot of love from music blogger and critics alike for her debut single “Gold”. The 20-year old Kiiara has massive talent that was obvious with the debut song even if some bloggers didn’t like it because of it being too hard for their liking. Maybe the chorus was a little too heavily distorted or it was the cover that looked pretentious. But whatever the problems with Kiiara’s debut, everyone knew music industry is going to love this new talent and that there would be a lot of great new music from Kiiara in the coming few years.

Kiiara finally premiered a new song on June 20. This new song, titled “Tennessee”, is the second taste of debut EP from young Illinois singer. The debut EP will be titled “Meet Me In The Cornfield”. This new single is produced by Felix Snow and it is an intoxicating blend of an amazing chorus, intelligent lyrics and dreamy synths.

This new single is probably one of the best that you could hear from a 20-year old singer today. With only second song, Kiiara has impressed everyone. Even those who didn’t appreciate the first taste of his music have now praised talent that they see in the 20-year old Illinois-based singer. There is no doubt that we can expect an amazing debut LP from Kiiara. As for now, she is meeting all our expectations.

Listen to “Tennessee” by Kiiara

Post Author: David Watt