New Music: “Rebels” by Ina Wroldsen

Ina Wroldsen, who is known for her songwriting skills, has made a transition from a songwriter to a pop singer. Although this transition isn’t always easy, as obvious from efforts of some, it looks like the perfect path for Ina Wroldsen. We have seen Meghan Trainor do the same before and we are hopeful that Ina Wroldsen would also meet a similar fate with her new single “Rebels”.

Ina Wroldsen, the Norwegian songwriter, has quite a resume. She has worked with Britney Spears, Pussycat Dolls and even Shakira. With all these big stars in her resume, it is not difficult to understand that she knows music industry inside out and has kind of experience that one would need to make the transition.

Ina Wroldsen is 30-year old and this is probably the perfect time for her to make the transition. She has already premiered a single titled “Aliens” from her debut album but it is “Rebels”, her latest offering from the album, that has really caught the attention. The song features some lovely melodies but it may sound like two different songs put together to some. Still the track has everything to find a top spot in charts.

Listen to “Rebels” by Ina Wroldsen


Post Author: David Watt