Christmas Anthem: “Lonely Christmas” By Now, Now

It seems like this Christmas is going to special for the music fans as every top artist has unleashed their holiday songs and some like Mariah Carey have already announced their intent for this Christmas. Now the duo Now, Now has also joined this festive celebration. They have released their holiday song titled “Lonely Christmas” and it sounds very glittery as the duo sings over a production filled with ’80s synths.

“Lonely Christmas” opens with adorable lyrics “Every single second I’m wishin’ you were here with me, so I can hold you closer by the Christmas tree.” By the time the track reaches the chorus, it gets to you “It’s Christmas, don’t go leaving me lonely.”

This new festive season song “Lonely Christmas” started when the duo member KC was sitting in his car and he was listening to some Christmas station on the radio. It was then he realized that he was lonely despite having a great atmosphere around him. He knew happiness was in the air and everything was cheerful. Yet, he couldn’t feel any of it. That feeling of being lonely when everyone is happy pushed him to write this holiday season anthem. Listen to “Lonely Christmas” below.

Listen To “Lonely Christmas” By Now, Now

Post Author: David Watt